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Client Success Stories

“Justice Served”

PKC Kuebler was engaged by a company to investigate a whistleblower allegation of potential misappropriation of funds over a several year period by a key financial executive.

Our team interviewed the whistleblower and then analyzed company records to identify the magnitude of the financial fraud which reached several million dollars. We obtained a written confession from the perpetrator who was then terminated by the company. We helped identify a temporary financial controller who was brought in to keep day-to-day activities going while aiding the client in their search for a permanent replacement. Finally, we assisted with the implementation of newly expanded internal controls, including key financial reports to be reviewed monthly by management.

For more detailed information contact Keith Krzewski at 951.676.6555 x-110

“A Look Under the Hood” or “Building a Firm Foundation”

We were engaged by a rapidly expanding business to assess their financial accounting system’s ability to handle the next leap in revenue growth.

Our consulting services provided comments on our assessment of the financial operational structure of the company and included an analysis of the accounting operations encompassing the following items:

  • Interview accounting personnel to understand current responsibilities, while assessing competencies and ability to handle workload
  • Assess accounting system structure regarding its ability to timely and accurately capture financial data
  • Review existing accounting policies and procedures and determine additional steps needed to strengthen overall internal controls
  • Look at existing monthly reporting package and make recommendations to enhance the information being provided to management

The results of our accounting operations analysis resulted in the following:

  • Hired new controller to oversee the accounting operations
  • Brought in a software consultant to train staff on utilizing features to increase efficiencies
  • Assisted in the restructuring of general ledger and brought all entities of the company onto the same software platform
  • Helped develop a monthly dashboard to be used by management to assess the operations, including several key financial reports to be viewed by the owners each month to reduce the risk of fraud

For more detailed information contact Keith Krzewski at 951.676.6555 x-110

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