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The Art of People

The Art of People
by Dave Kerpen

In a world full of computers and technology, it is important to remember you are human. It takes strong people skills and practice applying those skills to connect to people at a meaningful level. When some people engage in conversation, they listen only to respond; rather than to listen to connect with the speaker. In Dave Kerpen’s book, The Art of People, the author provides the three key components to likability: listening, storytelling, and building relationships. You need to possess each one of these skills to be successful in online marketing and business in general. The first place you need to start is getting to know yourself. In his book, Mr. Kerpen provides a quick personality quiz to help you better realize how you interact with others. Once you know yourself and how you network, you can begin to connect effectively with others. Within each of his short fifty-three chapters, the author focuses on eleven primary skills he wants you to learn. A First Action Steps to Take box at the end of each chapter is a useful tool to assist you in applying the skills you have learned to real life situations; or questions you must ask yourself to get in better touch with your own emotions. The Art of People focuses on the idea “likeability is driven by authentic and transparent emotions”; it is important to remain true to yourself as well as let others see your emotions as this differentiates us from technology.



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